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Menu Midleton Very Rare - Tales of Taste at our Midleton Distillery

Introducing our Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release, a masterpiece of passion and skill born from the rich distilling history of Midleton.

The latest chapter of our renowned vintage collection is the result of several months of exploration through the finest casks in the Midleton inventory. As our Master Distiller, Kevin O’Gorman, sought to put his own mark on this eagerly awaited annual limited-edition release, he drew on his experience in both distillation and maturation, to elevate the grain whiskey component contribution for the 2022 vintage. This led to the creation of a delicate and truly elegant whiskey.

In order to maintain an extraordinary luxurious balanced aroma and taste profile, O’Gorman selected a perfect mix of first fill and second fill casks to enhance the wood contribution while allowing the pot still component to express itself. It is only with years of experience, a great understanding of quality whiskey and the passion to be patient, that this whiskey came to be.

In keeping with tradition, our Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release is a balanced blend of rare and hand-selected single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys from Midleton’s extensive inventory, it includes whiskey aged between 12 and 33 years and matured in lightly charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

Our Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release marks the second chapter with Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman at the helm and pays homage to the collection’s inspired beginnings when, in 1984, Midleton Very Rare Master Distiller Emeritus, Barry Crocket, set out to bring together the very best of the magic of our Midleton Distillery to create a whiskey like no other. The Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release, the pinnacle of Irish whiskey, is now available to be purchased and enjoyed.

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