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Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman

Midleton Very Rare - Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman

Kevin O’Gorman describes becoming Master Distiller at Midleton Distillery as quite simply a privilege. Having held the role of Master of Maturation since 2007, he knows the warehouses of Midleton like the palm of his hand, and as the incumbent Master Distiller, this makes him uniquely qualified to oversee all of production at the distillery. It is time to unlock the next chapter in the Midleton Very Rare story…

Having worked in Midleton since 1998, Kevin O’Gorman has amassed an immense amount of knowledge and expertise which leave him poised to drive the pursuit of excellence and innovation that has been exemplified by the entire team in Midleton for centuries.

Kevin describes Midleton Very Rare as a whiskey of exceptional quality and craftsmanship – the pinnacle of Irish whiskey since 1984. His understanding of the casks available at Midleton is second to none, with the inventory of every warehouse under his watch since 2007. From American oak, to French oak, to oloroso sherry, there is simply a massive range of different types of cask styles. Within those cask styles there are different fill numbers, with the final contribution of course being the age. This produces a huge array of whiskey styles that the blenders can use to produce a host of beautiful whiskeys.

Kevin O’Gorman – Mater Distiller

“I am excited to use my experience to drive our native industry forward by producing innovative new whiskeys that will delight whiskey fans over the coming years.”

Kevin O’Gorman – Mater Distiller

Knowing the cask inventory so well, along with being responsible for both distillation and maturation, his vision of how to shape the vintage going forward is noticeably clear. First and foremost, Midleton Very Rare has its own specific DNA or structure and characteristics, and he sees this continuing into the future. However, he is looking forward to adding his own particular stamp to the subtle yet impactful differences that permeate the Midleton Very Rare vintage each year, using his experience in maturation to add his own little twists and refined qualities to the whiskey.

When selecting the whiskeys for Midleton Very Rare, he will be looking to set aside exceptional distillates to go forward as candidates, keeping a close eye on their development. Then every year as the vintage is prepared, he will sample an extensive number of casks and assess each individual whiskey to decided what stand out candidates will go forward for the vintage. With only the very finest that he will put forward, the selection process is long, extremely interesting where you get a feel for different types of casks and distillate, all culminating in an incredibly special vintage.