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History of Midleton Distillery

Midleton Very Rare - History of Midleton Distillery


With a distilling history dating back to the 19th century, Midleton’s renowned bounty has been said to have drawn whiskey into being.

From its beginnings on the banks of the crystalline Dungourney River, Midleton Distillery’s links with the land run deep and long.

Of course whiskey is also the lifeblood of a people and their aspirations. And this town has always been a pioneering community, from the moment the Murphy family started to distil here in 1825.

Through times of great hardship, the roots of Irish whiskey production remained strong in East Cork, and the industry’s resurgence in the 1980’s saw the launch of the Midleton Very Rare range of vintages to critical acclaim.

Standing the test of time, the distillery was once again been brought back to life in 2020 through the Silent Distillery Collection. This incredibly rare set of releases captures the pioneering spirit of Old Midleton Distillery; a distillation from an extraordinary decade of experimentation and innovation.


The new Midleton Disillery and its unique single pot still whiskey have continued this tradition of innovation.

This world class state of the art distillery creates five brands of Irish whiskey of which Midleton Very Rare is the pinnacle. And at the heart of the new distillery is a fitting tribute to its creator – the Barry Crockett Still House.

The Cork of today still singing in perfect harmony with the distillery. It is part of this place and part of a people who still transform their bounty, into their legacy.