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Introducing Midleton Very Rare 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition

40 years ago, Barry Crockett drew on his lifelong love of the whiskey making process having watched his father, a Master Distiller, hone his craft, and created Midleton Very Rare. Over the last four decades, Midleton Very Rare has seen three Master Distillers gift us with their expertise, passion and commitment, and through this, the pinnacle of Irish whiskey was born. To honour our 40th anniversary, we are gifting you a truly rare and luxurious whiskey that tells the Midleton Very Rare story with every sip—Midleton Very Rare 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition.

The ruby is often described as the ‘gem of gems’. It’s a precious stone that signifies the 40th anniversary, and for the team at Midleton Very Rare, it felt like the perfect embodiment of our journey so far—a story fuelled with burning passion, commitment to honouring and furthering the world’s appreciation for Irish whiskey and protection of the wonderful and long-held history of Midleton Distillery. Over the last 40 years we have celebrated milestones and brought the world rare Irish whiskeys that are made to be savoured or saved for precious moments, and this release is exactly that.

Curated by Master Distiller at Midleton Distillery, Kevin O’Gorman, he carefully considered the collection of exceptional vintage years feature casks from each of the three Master Distiller’s defining eras. This whiskey, finished in port cask, is the culmination of decades of expertise, experience, dedication and skill. The has never been an Irish whiskey quite like this, and there never will be again.

40th Anniversary Ruby Edition
ABV 53.1%

Opens with a rich and beautiful burst of berry fruits as notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, and plum come to the fore. A delicate perfume, with aromatic spices and an earthy woodland character is complemented by orchard fruits and citrus peel, while the seasoned oak imparts sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and fragrant honeycomb. The elegance of the grain whiskey quietly emerges to reveal soft and nuanced floral undertones.


At first succulent fruits are met with pot still spices, imparting notes of freshly grated ginger and clove oil. The oak’s soft tannins combine with a nutty character. Notes of flaked almonds and nutmeg are wonderfully balanced by the seasoned port cask’s contribution of ripe berry fruits, cassis, and dark chocolate.


Luxuriously long and satisfying. The seasoned oak, fruits and spice continue to linger, eventually yielding only to time.

More Ways to Celebrate Midleton Very Rare’s 40th Anniversary

Midleton Very Rare 2024 Vintage

Midleton Very Rare 2024 Vintage

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Midleton Very Rare and 40 years since our Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett paved a path for our status as the pinnacle of Irish whiskey. This special vintage release, a true landmark in our portfolio of annual vintage releases, has been crafted with care by Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman and his team, in honour of both Barry Crockett and his legacy on Irish whiskey.

Midleton Very Rare Ruby Edition

40th Anniversary Ruby Edition NFT

To build on this historic anniversary, Midleton Very Rare are launching a special Ruby Edition NFT bottle. In collaboration with Keane’s Jewellers in Co. Cork, this unique bottle features hand engraved 18-carat solid gold on both the neck and stopper and thirty-two rubies encrusted within the neck collar, making it a true collector’s item, and a unique piece of art. The 32 rubies are extremely unique in that they are identical in both quality and style.

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