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We are delighted to welcome you to the Midleton Very Rare 1825 Room, the private home of the Midleton Very Rare appreciator. As a member of the 1825 Room you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive whiskeys only available to members, discover stories on the history of Midleton Distillery and the world of Midleton Very Rare, delve into limited edition interviews with our Masters, and ‘of course’ be the first to hear of Midleton Very Rare releases.

We’re a veritable warehouse of rare whiskey knowledge. Why not start by indulging the senses with our in-depth tasting notes, discovering a rarely seen cask finish, or exploring new releases with the guidance of our Masters, and then raise a glass to the only source of Midleton Very Rare information you’ll ever need. 
Step into the 1825 Room and let us open the doors of Midleton Distillery to you.

Introducing The Pinnacle Vintage NFT

Introducing Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage, the rarest single bottle of Midleton Very Rare ever produced and the very first Irish Whiskey available on

This unique expression encompasses a portion from each of the 40 annual Midleton Very Rare expressions as well as an outstanding cask sample of traditional single pot still distilled in 1984 under then Master Distiller and founder of the Midleton Very Rare collection, Barry Crockett. This single bottle encapsulates the Midleton Very Rare DNA, paying homage to Barry Crockett and those he inspired, spanning five decades and three Master Distillers’ work. While the whiskey industry has evolved since the creation of the very first Midleton Very Rare in 1984, the principles and consistent quality of this luxury Irish whiskey brand transcends time, and Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage holds the subtle nuances from each of these coveted expressions in one timeless and inimitable whiskey.

The physical bottle of Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage is backed by a digital NFT version that guarantees authenticity, and can be traced back to the Midleton distillery in Ireland. BlockBar stores and insures Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage and the owner may redeem, resell or gift the bottle at any time. A full-day immersive experience at the Midleton distillery with Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman is also included with purchase, which can be claimed by the owner who redeems the physical bottle.

Presented in a one-of-a-kind bottle, The Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage NFT is available to purchase exclusively via from 10am EST on 28th February priced at $130,000.

As part of the sale, a donation will be made to The Forest Genetic Resources Trust, partners of the Midleton Very Rare team at Irish Distillers. The Forest Genetic Resources Trust supports the conservation, improvement, and use of native and naturalised tree species in Irish forestry. Funds donated will be used to create a seed orchard that will support the future of Midleton Very Rare projects.  

Who are Blockbar?

BlockBar is a global marketplace selling luxury wine and spirits authenticated via blockchain directly from luxury brands. BlockBar offers consumers access, storage, insurance, global shipping and a secondary marketplace for resales.