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Menu Midleton Very Rare - Dair Ghaelach means quite simply - Irish Oak
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“Dair Ghaelach” means quite simply – Irish Oak

While the name may be simple, the story of this whiskey is unique.  

This rare whiskey has been finished in casks made from virgin Irish oak grown in Kylebeg Wood on the Ballykilcavan Estate, near Stradbally in Co. Laois. This oak comes from trees planted in the 1800s, so the history and stories contained within its wood are beyond what can even be imagined.  

The oak influences this special whiskey with the unique flavour of the heart of Ireland. Its unique provenance told in each sublime sip, this is the tale of our native oak striking harmony with the classically rich and spicy Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey character. 

This is a whiskey like no other. This is Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood.  

Tasting Notes: 


Fragrant woodland spices with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg to the fore accompanied by aromatic oils and earthy pot still notes. Delicate hints of nectarine develop to create a zesty fruit note with dustings of white pepper. Additional aromas of dairy fudge and vanilla further accentuate the sweet nature of the whiskey. 


Fortified by the Irish Oak, the pot still spices lead with a heightened intensity thanks to the rich wood tannins before subsiding to reveal velvety tones of caramel with sweet stewed apple and touches of orange peel. Dark 

chocolate with subtle notes of honeycomb and vanilla weave amongst the spices. 


Delightfully long finish with the fruits and spices slowly fading, allowing the Irish Oak to linger until the very end. 

Tree 1: 55.6% ABV Tree 2: 56.1% ABV Tree 3: 56% ABV Tree 4: 56% ABV Tree 5: 56% ABV Tree 6: 55.4% ABC Tree 7: 55.9% ABV