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The Ultimate Celebration of Irish Whiskey

To celebrate 40 years of Midleton Very Rare, the pinnacle of Irish whiskey, Irish Distillers is thrilled to launch the Midleton Very Rare 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition NFT. To mark this historic launch, Midleton Very Rare has partnered with the renowned Keanes Jewellers in Cork, to create just one special NFT bottle. Established in 1948, Keanes Jewellers has become synonymous with Cork and fine jewellers in Ireland, offering outstanding craftsmanship and the highest standards. This unique bottle features hand engraved 18-carat solid gold on both the neck and stopper and thirty-two rubies encrusted within the neck collar, making it a true collector’s item, and a unique piece of art. The 32 rubies are extremely unique in that they are identical in both quality and style. This bottle includes an official certificate of authenticity from Keanes Jewellers. 

Patrick Keane, 3rd generation of the Keane family

“Rubies signify a 40th anniversary and are considered the gem of passion, something that feels so apt with the passion that shines through from the Master Distillers and all those involved in the creation of Midleton Very Rare. As a business local to the distillery, we were ecstatic to be asked to collaborate with Irish Distillers and took huge care to create something worthy of the Midleton Very Rare Ruby Anniversary Edition. It has been an honour to be involved in such a momentous and historic moment for the brand.”

Patrick Keane, 3rd generation of the Keane family

The NFT bottle, with its luxurious embellishments, will go live for auction on from 28th February at 12pm GMT with a reserve price of USD $60,000. The auction will end on 7th March at 3pm GMT. As part of the sale, a donation will be made to The Forest Genetic Resources Trust, partners of the Midleton Very Rare team at Irish Distillers. The Forest Genetic Resources Trust supports the conservation, improvement, and use of native and naturalised tree species in Irish forestry.  

The sale includes a Midleton Very Rare experience for two guests featuring a VIP guided tour of old and new distilleries, sampling of whiskeys that have never been seen by the public, and a special tasting of the 40th anniversary release in the Midleton Distillery Cottage. A one-night stay in the five-star hotel Castlemartyr Resort, East Cork with breakfast and dinner included.

40th Anniversary Ruby Edition NFT
ABV 53.1%

Opens with a rich and delightful burst of berry fruits as notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, and plum come to the fore. A delicate perfume, with aromatic spices and an earthy woodland character, is complemented by orchard fruits and citrus peel, while the seasoned oak imparts sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and fragrant honeycomb. The elegance of the grain whiskey quietly emerges to reveal soft and nuanced floral undertones.


At first succulent fruits are met with pot still spices, imparting notes of freshly grated ginger and clove oil. The oak’s soft tannins combined with a nutty character impart notes of flaked almonds and nutmeg which are wonderfully balanced by the seasoned port cask’s contribution of ripe berry fruits, cassis, and dark chocolate.


Luxuriously long and satisfying. The seasoned oak, fruits and spice continue to linger, eventually yielding only to time.

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