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We are delighted to welcome you to the Midleton Very Rare 1825 Room, the private home of the Midleton Very Rare appreciator. As a member of the 1825 Room you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive whiskeys only available to members, discover stories on the history of Midleton Distillery and the world of Midleton Very Rare, delve into limited edition interviews with our Masters, and ‘of course’ be the first to hear of Midleton Very Rare releases.

We’re a veritable warehouse of rare whiskey knowledge. Why not start by indulging the senses with our in-depth tasting notes, discovering a rarely seen cask finish, or exploring new releases with the guidance of our Masters, and then raise a glass to the only source of Midleton Very Rare information you’ll ever need.
Step into the 1825 Room and let us open the doors of Midleton Distillery to you.

​The Whiskey – Introducing an exclusive whiskey crafted especially for you, our members.


This edition of our 1825 Room release is truly a masterpiece. Distilled in 1998, the year our current Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman joined us as a Distiller in our Midleton Distillery, it has matured for 22 years. ​


Its tasting notes are sure to delight. With an opening nose of orange zest, apricots and sweet vanilla, which is then accompanied by rich woodland spices of cinnamon and nutmeg with a light dusting of white pepper. The charred oak influence continues to build while mild nutty undertones with chocolate and caramel linger in the background. ​


The texture of this whiskey can simply be described as luscious and silky. The taste combines the warming Pot Still spices that build and evolve in tandem with exotic fruits, vanilla and white chocolate. Its rich, earthy tones with hints of demerara sugar, accompanied by the nutty and buttery notes of toasted pecans, while oak adds further depth and complexity with additional waves of cinnamon and spice. ​


The finish of this whiskey is led by the fruits and oak as they slowly fade, leaving the spices and sweet barely grains to have the final word. Our Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman describes Midleton Very Rare as a whiskey of exceptional quality and craftsmanship—the pinnacle of Irish whiskey since 1984. His understanding of the casks available at Midleton is second to none, which allowed him to use his knowledge to bring you our newest and most exclusive 1825 Room whiskey yet. You can purchase your own piece of our Midleton Very Rare history here. 

Purchases are strictly limited to 1 bottle per person.

Shipping commencing from 5th November.

We’re afraid that our 1825 Room Exclusive Single Cask has now SOLD OUT.

Cask Details:​​

Cask Type: First Fill Bourbon ​

Cask Number: 34836​

ABV: 54.5% ABV​

Bottles Available: 144 bottles ​

RRP: €710

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