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Menu Midleton Very Rare - The Story of the Silent Distillery Which Created This Inspired Collection
We are delighted to welcome you to the Midleton Very Rare 1825 Room, the private home of the Midleton Very Rare appreciator. As a member of the 1825 Room you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive whiskeys only available to members, discover stories on the history of Midleton Distillery and the world of Midleton Very Rare, delve into limited edition interviews with our Masters, and ‘of course’ be the first to hear of Midleton Very Rare releases.

We’re a veritable warehouse of rare whiskey knowledge. Why not start by indulging the senses with our in-depth tasting notes, discovering a rarely seen cask finish, or exploring new releases with the guidance of our Masters, and then raise a glass to the only source of Midleton Very Rare information you’ll ever need. 
Step into the 1825 Room and let us open the doors of Midleton Distillery to you.

A silent distillery is one which has closed its doors and been lost to the ages of the past. Seen by many as a relic of time gone by, but to whiskey collectors, these silent distilleries and the whiskey which still comes from them hold almost mythical status.

While other silent distilleries have re-opened and began operating once again, Old Midleton has been fully decommissioned and will never again produce. As the distillery’s doors closed in 1975 after nearly 175 years, few will taste the whiskey which once lay within—but thanks to the Silent Distillery Collection a few fortuitus whiskey appreciators and collectors get a chance to own a piece of this prestigious history. This collection of whiskies, released annually from 2020 to 2025, is a selection of the oldest Irish whiskey available, ranging from 45 to 50 years. Each bottle is heralded as a spectacle of its craft and holds a part of the charm and expertise that allowed Old Midleton to flourish for so long. Now the fourth chapter in this exceptional series is ready to be released.

The original Midleton Distillery was named after its founders Messrs James Murphy & Co, and its ledgers, dating back to 1825, tell the extraordinary story of the thriving trade. As the soil surrounding the Old Midleton Distillery and local farms is so rich and fertile, much of the barely was sown, grown, and harvested nearby. This barley, the heart of this release of our Silent Distillery collection, was grown in soil as rich as the spirit which thrived in its grounds, and it has shared this spirit with this fourth chapter of our Silent Distillery collection. 

The island of Ireland is known for its rich and fertile soil, it is the giver of life to crops that feed the people of our country and so many across the world. At Midleton Distillery, the soil around us has allowed us to grow the best quality grain to create our prestigious and revered whiskey, Midleton Very Rare. While we’ve learned new ways to reap and sow over the years, we will always remain true to the way past generations cared for and tended to the land. Just like the way we’ve taken inspiration and guidance from how the earth was cared for before us, we take the same care and use this expert guidance when developing our whiskey as well, but there’s one collection of Midleton Very Rare whiskey that doesn’t just pay homage to the old ways of whiskey making—it is a symbol of it. Now a capsule of time, Irish whiskey history, and a beacon of learning and discovery for our whole team at Midleton. The Old Midleton distillery was revered for years for the quality whiskey it produced and expert craftsmanship, and now it can be celebrated again. The fourth chapter of the Silent Distillery Collection story is ready to be told, and you can own a piece of this history.