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Menu Midleton Very Rare - The Silent Distillery Collection Chapter Four - 48 Years in the Making
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Step into the 1825 Room and let us open the doors of Midleton Distillery to you.

With a distilling history dating back to the 19th century, Midleton Distillery is known the world over for its prestigious array of whiskeys owned and loved by generations, renowned as the pinnacle of Irish whiskey.

An artform which first began in the Old Midleton Distillery has now been passed on to distilleries which have taken its place, inspired by the quality whiskey making come before but adapted and perfected to work successfully in a modern world. While the doors of the Old Midleton Distillery were closed in 1975, never to be opened again, this now and forever silent distillery is still stunning whiskey connoisseurs and collectors alike with its gifts—thanks to the Silent Distillery Collection.

The Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection is a curated selection of six whiskies, the world’s oldest Irish whiskies, which have been carefully and expertly monitored and matured throughout the years by the Master Distillers of Midleton to give whiskey collectors an opportunity to own their own piece of this iconic whiskey history. First released in 2020, this collection of six whiskeys is released annually with the final sixth whiskey launching in 2025 to celebrate 200 years of Midleton. As audiences have been savouring the first three chapters, the fourth story—a 48-year-old Irish whiskey—is now ready to be told.

Silent Distillery Chapter 4

The fourth chapter of our Silent Distillery collection takes inspiration from the earth, the ‘talamh’ as it’s known in Irish. The earth surrounding the Old Midleton, and now new Midleton Distillery is so rich and fertile that it has allowed the finest grain to be reaped and sown for generations. This essential giver of life has been the ideal starting point for our whiskey which pulls its initial flavour from the quality grain. The earth has not only grown an impressive grain, but it has also inspired Master Craftsman John Galvin who has developed a striking and stunning cabinet for this special release.

Silent Distillery Chapter 4

By fusing fine craftsmanship and precision engineering, each cabinet is lovingly handmade by John Galvin and his team from select lacewood. With its iconic flecking of red and brown, the lacewood’s striking appearance conjures up images of barley fields and so recalls the natural bounty that is at the heart of our whiskey. To finish, the cabinets are dressed in premium shagreen leather and enhanced by detailing in sterling silver and oak reclaimed from Irish whiskey vats. A spectacle worthy of the liquid inside.

To complement the striking whiskey and stunning cabinet is of course the vessel which holds the prized liquid. Held inside a glass decanter as unique and special as the whiskey itself, each vessel is mouth blown, a skill that dates back more than 2,000 years. Once carefully shaped, the flowing lines of the design are refined by the specialist craftsmen and women of Ireland’s world famous House of Waterford. Finishing, etching and polishing by hand, their individual attention to detail means each decanter is subtly different but still exudes the artistry and brilliance that are synonymous with the Waterford name.

Silent Distillery Chapter 4
Silent Distillery Chapter 4

Of course at the heart of the beautiful vessel and cabinet is the liquid itself. This prestigious liquid has been under the guardianship of the Master Distillers of Midleton since Max Crockett, the forefather of Irish Whiskey. As the whiskey passed from one watchful eye and expert palate to another—from Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett, Brian Nation and now Midleton Distillery Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman—the whiskey is now ready to be shared and savoured. From grain to glass, Kevin’s guardianship is what ensures that Midleton Very Rare continues to be renowned as ‘The Pinnacle of Irish Whiskey’.

And, together with his vision, Kevin’s watchfulness brings a new dimension to this, the latest release in a unique collection from the Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery. With a nose of sweet chocolate, honeycomb, caramelised apple and quince jelly, and a taste filled with fruits and a hint of chilli oil and ginger, the finish on this fourth Chapter of our Silent Distillery Collection is of stone fruits and soft spices that linger for some time.