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We are delighted to welcome you to the Midleton Very Rare 1825 Room, the private home of the Midleton Very Rare appreciator. As a member of the 1825 Room you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive whiskeys only available to members, discover stories on the history of Midleton Distillery and the world of Midleton Very Rare, delve into limited edition interviews with our Masters, and ‘of course’ be the first to hear of Midleton Very Rare releases.

We’re a veritable warehouse of rare whiskey knowledge. Why not start by indulging the senses with our in-depth tasting notes, discovering a rarely seen cask finish, or exploring new releases with the guidance of our Masters, and then raise a glass to the only source of Midleton Very Rare information you’ll ever need.
Step into the 1825 Room and let us open the doors of Midleton Distillery to you.

Introducing our Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release, a masterpiece of passion and skill born from the rich distilling history of Midleton.

With a distilling history dating back to the 19th century, the Midleton Distillery is renowned for the whiskey it produces. The town we call home in Midleton has always been a pioneering community. From the moment the Murphy family began distilling there in 1825, the pioneering spirit and ambitious to craft and inspire has only grown. Despite hardships throughout the years, the 1980s saw the launch of our Midleton Very Rare range—homages, creations and savoured spirits of the times gone by—which received critical acclaim.

While our Old Midleton Distillery was given a new lease of life in 2020 through our Silent Distillery collection, our New Midleton Distillery and its unique single pot still whiskey have continued the tradition of innovation, seen all the way back in the 19th century. This world-class state of the art distillery creates five brands of Irish whiskey, of which Midleton Very Rare is the pinnacle.

The spirit for Midleton Very Rare is now housed in its own special warehouse, built in the late 1820s. At the time, the walls were made of stone and the floor earthen, so it was a dark, cool space all year round to store the precious barrels and their contents. Beside this warehouse, our old distillery sits on the banks of the Dungourney River, its links with the land running deep and long. When our talented teams were not working hard to craft our prestigious whiskey, they were poaching salmon from the river, understanding the natural beauty and the delicacies that land could produce. This is not the only intriguing story of the Midleton Distillery workers from back in our beginnings—the Seven Trees, a row of trees alongside the old stone warehouse seemed inconspicuous, but one tree boasted a hollow trunk. This was where some distillery workers would hide ‘borrowed’ spirits in Milk of Magnesia bottles – —undoubtedly for quality control purposes, of course.

The Midleton Distillery is home to over a century of facts and stories, and the latest story to come from within its walls is the latest addition to our Vintage collection—the Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release.