Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett

Ireland has its famous poets, playwrights, novelists and artists and, in Barry Crockett, a famous Master Distiller. Born in the Distillers cottage on the grounds of the Midleton Distillery, Barry’s path was predestined.

Under the watchful eye of his father, Max Crockett, himself a master distiller, Barry became captivated by the atmosphere of the distillery, the noise, the smells and the excitement. The more he learned, the more his exceptional nose and palate guided the distillery on its journey to creating the finest whiskey in the world. In 1981 Barry became Master Distiller of the Midleton Distillery and three years later he created Midleton Very Rare.

Barry Crockett is Midleton Very Rare distilled. He is its spirit. Reserved yet generous, precise but big hearted, he weighs up each word carefully just as you weigh the whiskey on your tongue and when he speaks, measured, slow, accurate, you listen.


Master Distiller Brian Nation

There is nothing quite so still as the artful watch of the Master Distiller. It is a patience earned by few. A perfect solitary built on legacy. A legacy passed from one Master Distiller to the next, born of the whiskey they watch over.

He talks fondly about the legacy of the Midleton Distillery and of course the legacy of his predecessor, Barry Crockett. The two worked closely together for 10 years and Brian says being mentored by Barry was quite simply an honour.

Driven very much by his own vision of the future, Brian acknowledges the inspiration he draws from the past. It is this mixture of forward thinking and traditional craft that is helping the award winning Master Distiller to fulfil his dream of creating special and unique whiskey across the Midleton Very Rare portfolio.